About us

Legal information

TSUM.su OÜ is a private limited company incorporated in Estonia under the number 14956104.
It is represented in Estonia by Expat Legal OÜ, registry 14385162.
Legal address is 4 Vana-Veerenni, 10135 Tallinn, Estonia

Invoicing and Payment

TSUM.su processes both its invoicing and payment requests, and its refunds exclusively via PayPal. Using a renowned service provides guarantees of a smoother transaction for both our customers and ourselves.

Return and Refund Policy

TSUM.su refund can be requested within 15 calendar days of product reception, with return of the product within 5 working days of refund acceptance by us.
Upon reception of the product and verification that it has not been used and/or damaged by the client, TSUM.su will either (a) refund the totality of the costs (product and postage fees, provided normal tracked shipment are used) or, upon the customers’ choice, (b) issue a transmissible voucher to be reused in our shop.

Our Return and Refund Policy can be consulted here.

Data Privacy Policy

TSUM.su OÜ engages to respect its clients’ privacy and guarantee a proper usage of the personal data they mey need to entrusts us with for the fulfillment of the commercial activities we engage. Some of your data may be sent to our suppliers for processing payments, production and/or deliveries. We do positively engage into making sure that all our business partners fulfill the requirements and respect the established by on the relevant legal documents, especially EU’s GRDP.

Our Data Privacy Policy can be consulted here.

Cookies Policy

This website uses cookies because, basically, no online shopping system functions without them. They are here to help us keeping track on your orders and optimizing for your browser by the services our site is based on. We could ask which Cookies you accept, truth is that the cookies necessary by the software that power this site are all required and we don’t have external publicity or linked services.

Our Cookie Policy can be consulted here.